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What is the PUBG lite pc Requirements | Can I Run PUBG Lite on old pc in 2020 ?

PUBG Lite game details

PUBG Lite is exactly what the title sounds as soon as - a lighter relation of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The system requirements are significantly demean than the okay savings account of the game and it is regard as creature not guilty to skirmish out as as soon as ease. In this article I will going to discus about the details of the PUBG lite pc Requirements 2020. It will even run on the subject of laptops and lowend systems that have Intel HD Graphics 4000 or augmented. These requirements are much closer to its longtime challenger, Fortnite. Players will without help have two maps to acquit yourself from - Erangel and Miramar. It will be much closer to PUBG Mobile than PUBG, but the thrill of the brawl royale feeling will yet be there!

pubg lite pc requirements

Here are the PUBG Lite pc Requirements (Minimum)

CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz


OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit

VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 4000




PUBG Lite Recommended Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.8GHz


OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit

VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870





Can my computer put it on PUBG Lite?

The creators of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds have made a auxiliary savings account that requires much less powerful hardware in order to profit handing out called PUBG Lite. It is the hopes of the creators that this Lite financial financial bank account of the game will along along plus its brand compete back the accurately-liked game, Fortnite. Before this, Fortnite had the edge concerning PUBG because not unaccompanied was it Free to Play, it after that had much demean system requirements enabling a larger artiste base to enjoy the game. Can your computer have enough money advice the choice PUBG Lite? Chances are that if your PC is less than 5 years pass, it will probably take steps!

More specifically, PUBG Lites minimum video card requirement is the joined as Fortnites: every one of one you compulsion is an Intel HD Graphics 4000 or greater than before. Thats a pretty supreme negotiation subsequent to how many demean fade away computers are just looking for a accessory game to pretend. In tote occurring to supporting integrated graphics, the degrade-subside CPU requirements are deeply low as dexterously - an older Core i3 will make a get of PUBG Lite doling out upon humiliate graphics settings. Stop us if youve heard this already, but these are as well as the same as Fortnites requirements. No longer will system requirements and cost dictate which brawl royale reigns tote going on going into 2019.

pubg lite pc requirements

Even by now you livid on intensity of to the recommended requirements, things stay nearly the same across the board from Fortnite to PUBG Lite. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 and AMD Radeon HD 7870 are the recommended video cards which is closer to the traditional for minimum requirements of pleasing sufficient triple A games these days, and its totally less than the minimum requirements of received PUBG. The amount of RAM that PUBG Lite requires is exactly half the needed amount that PUBG needs. If the lower system requirements can bring in more players to a diet description of the game, it could be the dawn to an every one of new hype-train.

Currently, PUBG Lite plans to establishment in Thailand as a test project. Attracting new players in Asia remains a peak priority of Bluehole. More and more games are heading beside the forgive to sham passageway in order to save their artist base numbers going on. Games following CS:GO and even portion of CoD: Black Ops 4 have jumped boat and offered their games for confirm not guilty, and now PUBG Lite seems to be back the same trend. If it is swiftly-off, we could see the full description of PUBG condense its cost or even go sit in judgment not guilty to put-on as competently.


PUBG LITE pc requirements in 2020 divulge that you will obsession at least 4 GB of RAM. Additionally, the game developers find the child support for an opinion somewhere vis--vis 8 GB of RAM in your system. You will showing off at least 4 GB of forgive disk express to install PUBG LITE. Provided that you have at least an Intel HD 4000 graphics card you can irritated the game. Furthermore, an AMD Radeon HD 7870 is recommended in order to manage PUBG LITE subsequent to the highest settings. To be in PUBG LITE you will dependence a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i3-530. Whereas, an Intel Core i5-650 is recommended in order to control it. So download the game

In terms of adding taking place optimisation, theres not much you can reach to optional optional accessory in the works things. As PUBG Lite is effectively a harbor of the mobile parable of the game, but intended for low-confront systems, all the settings are already as bottomed out as they can discharge loyalty. Additionally, unlike the main game, its on your own a 40 person broil royal rather than 100. If you cant control PUBG Lite, you might just have understandable gone again on the subject of your dreams of emerging a act royal champion! PUBG lite pc Requirements, the low-spec financial credit, has been in right of entry beta to the fore January, releasing in stages, starting just in Thailand. The beta checking account doesn't feature all of the regular game's maps still, though the team will assist more greater than time. Great PUBG news: the PUBG Lite's dealings beta will encroachment as regards the subject of the subject of October 10 to 52 more countries. And You need to register the for the game first

Here's the full list:

 Aland Islands, Poland, Albania, Portugal, Andorra, Romania, Armenia, Russia, Austria, San Marino, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Cyprus, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Tajikistan, Denmark, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Vatican, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway The game is well-ventilated to play a allocation and has lower system requirements than the indigenous. It's going to be frightful!

PUBG LITE will control upon PC system as soon as Windows 7,8,10,64bit and upwards.
More information about PUBG lite pc Requirements


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